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Disposable Group


What we all dream of... INSTANT GRATIFICATION... its ready when you are- ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!........ Great vapor?.. check.. No smoke smell?.. check .. Best taste on the market?.. CHECKMATE!!!

Citizen disposable e-Cigs require no assembly and no recharging.
Go ahead smoke it at home, at work, in space (but it's up to you to get there!) Citizen combines the best of both worlds with no lighting and no messy ashes while at the same time giving you that traditional cigarette look and feel. (Notice the red tip?) Just take a few puffs and put your e-Cig away for later.

Disposables are available in all three flavors and nicotine levels for your ultimate enjoyment! EACH DISPOSABLE E-CIG IS EQUIVALENT TO ONE AND A HALF PACKS OF TRADITIONAL TOBACCO CIGARETTES.