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Citizen e-Cig was founded on the principle of "noble profit"-- a business, that by offering a product that helps serve or alleviate a form of hardship or suffering, continues to thrive the more people it serves. We at Citizen e-Cig are dedicated to empowering as many smokers as possible to "make the switch."

Our team has over 20-25 years in the biomedical, cancer, and disease industry, so we have a deep perspective on the importance of the task at hand. We have brought on some formidable bright lights in marketing, advertising and distribution to assist as well as physicians/researchers to help with the research, technology and medical side. Our deeply felt aim is to help undo the hazards of smoking, and to get as many current smokers as possible to quit through switching to the e-Cig alternative.

Ultimately, our mission is to help wipe out second hand smoke, as well as the toxins and chemical damage associated with traditional tobacco.


We can't be successful with our mission without your help! We value your input, your constructive critiques, and your enthusiasm. If you like our product and it helps you to switch over, improves your health or your life in any way at all, please refer friends and family.

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Help us to help all smokers, and their loved ones!

Thank you for visiting our site-- we can't do it without you. Now that you're here, we hope that you will join our revolution!

Monica Ord
Citizen e-Cigs