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Here is a small sampling of the testimonials we receive daily.  They are just as valuable to us as the critiques.

Please keep both coming-- in the words of Jerry Maguire: "Help us, help you!"

Here's what Citizen users have to say:

The best e-Cig I've tried yet. The taste is second to none and gives you that same "cigarette" feeling on the back of your throat. All I can say is don't waste a day before you try Citizen -- J.R.

I can't believe these exist, and I had never heard of them till now! I've been off cigarettes now for 3 weeks and don't miss them at all! Please continue what you are doing for all of our sakes!  -- James

I was a social smoker, and now that I have Citizen I don't touch regular cigarettes anymore. Why would I? I like these way more than I ever liked regular cigs! – Charlie

The fact that you can take a puff and just toss it on the car seat or in your pocket is THE BEST THING EVER! You don't have to put it out or smoke the whole thing-- I just have a couple of puffs and put it away for later! – Brian

I love this Citizen e-Cig and I love your packaging! I tried another brand but I like that this looks like a real cig. Personally I feel strange smoking the others that don't. Great taste too!  -- Tom B

I recently tried Citizen e-Cigs given to me by a friend. I LOVE the carrying slim pack. I use the rechargeables since I end up paying less than cigarettes and love this pack... great taste, no smell. My non-smoking husband kisses me more LOL. Thank you!!!  -- Ciara

I love these. I'm using them now and have been for over a month. At work on my break I don't have to stand outside in the cold anymore! I've smoked them at no-smoking bars, restaurants and everywhere else I was known as a pariah! I'm welcomed again, smoking and all! Applause goes to Citizen! Love the taste, pack and feel. I'm telling everyone  -- John

I was starting to be frantic about quitting, everyone I know was worried about my 2 pack a day problem. I tried many things to quit and nothing worked. It's very degrading to know you just can't do it! From the second I picked these up, I am smoking less and it hasn't been anywhere near difficult. Thank you for changing my life and my families.  -- Sharon

I was given these begrudgingly. I was in the hospital as I suffer from COPD. I just couldn't quit no matter what. I tried my first one in the hospital and have not had a cigarette since. I don't smell of smoke, I don't offend anyone else, this is crazy good. THANK YOU Citizen!  -- Matt

"There are many people who are working to make positive change in the world in their own ingenious and meaningful ways. One such remarkable person is Monica Ord, who runs Citizen. Their goal is to dramatically improve disease rates by empowering smokers to take their health into their own by switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes."

"The new e-Cig simulates the smoking experience without smoke, odour, thousands of toxins, second hand smoke or tar. It takes into consideration that half of the smoking addiction is to the ritual not just the smoking itself, but without the harmful ingredients and roughly the same small amount of nicotine as gum or patches. Please get Citizen e-Cigs in the hands of every smoker you know." Sir Richard Branson/VIRGIN GROUP

Warner Music Group
"There is no better way to move people than with music and the artists that create it. We are honored to be part of CITIZEN e-Cigs "Light up America campaign" ".
– Warner Music

Big Kenny of Big&Rich
“Simply put, CITIZEN E-cigs have a tremendous potential to get smokers off of the known harms of tobacco cigarettes and eliminate second hand smoke. That is good for everyone.”

“CITIZEN e-Cigs Light Up America Campaign allows us to add deep significance to our success! We get the opportunity to lift spirits with our music and help stomp out Tobacco harm thru CITIZEN e-Cigs!!